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Mapping Teams

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Many companies and other organizations have a group of mappers editing on OpenStreetMap, we felt the necessity of identify easily the changesets created by users that are part of those organizations. So we created a feature on OSMCha that allow those groups to publish their list of users and makes it possible for the OSM community to filter or hide changesets created by one or more mapping teams.

How to manage teams using the frontend

On OSMCha user menu, we have an option “My teams”.

It will open the “My mapping teams page”, listing the teams your user has added.

Clicking on the “Add +” button, you will be able to add the details of a new team. Check the section JSON Pattern below for instructions on how to write the JSON content.

After that, please open an issue requesting that your team be considered a "Trusted team". This will make your team appear on the list of teams on the filters page:

The filters allow you to filter or exclude the changesets from one or more teams. Furthermore, it allows us to hide the changesets created by all the trusted mapping teams.

Managing the teams using the API

You can create, edit or remove teams using the API. Check the API Docs for instructions about the endpoints.

JSON pattern

The mapping teams JSON format we use is composed by an array of objects. The only required key inside the object is username, but you can add other information, for example the OSM user uid, the date the user joined the team(joined) and the date user left it (left).

For example:

  {"username": "wille"},
  {"username": "other_user", "uid": "9876", "joined": "2017-02-13T00:00:00Z", "left": "2019-02-13T00:00:00Z"}
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