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Landsat 8 QA band CLI tool and python module


$ pip install rio-l8qa

Python Usage

The l8qa module provides both qa (for Landsat Collection 1 data) and qa_pre (for pre-Collection landsat data). Both provide a number of functions to extract integer data from the respective QA band formats.

  • cirrus_confidence
  • cloud
  • cloud_confidence
  • cloud_shadow_confidence
  • fill_qa
  • lookup
  • radiometric_qa
  • snow_ice_confidence
  • terrain_qa

And some additional utilty functions to calculate stats or write cloud masks.

  • summary_stats
  • write_cloud_mask


from import cloud_confidence
import rasterio

qatif = "LC08_L1TP_005004_20170410_20170414_01_T1_BQA.TIF"

with as src:
    yesclouds = cloud_confidence( == 3  # high confidence

Command Line Usage

The command line interface currently works only with new Landsat collections format. See docs/ for details.

Summary statistics for each of the QA metrics

$ rio l8qa LC08_L1TP_005004_20170410_20170414_01_T1_BQA.TIF \
  "cloudConf": {
    "maybe": 0.000119,
    "yes": 5e-06,
    "no": 0.486637,
    "notDetermined": 0.513239

To generate output tifs for each QA metric to a directory

$ rio l8qa LC08_L1TP_005004_20170410_20170414_01_T1_BQA.TIF \
    --outdir /tmp
$ ls /tmp

If you need a uint8 0-255 cloud mask, suitable for use as an alpha band in an RGBA geotif, there is a shortcut

$ rio l8qa LC08_L1TP_005004_20170410_20170414_01_T1_BQA.TIF \
    --cloudmask /tmp/justclouds.tif