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Encode arbitrary bit depth rasters in pseudo base-256 as RGB

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From PyPi

pip install rio-rgbify


git clone

cd rio-rgbify

pip install -e '.[test]'

CLI usage

  • Input can be any raster readable by rasterio
  • Output can be any raster format writable by rasterio OR
  • To create tiles directly from data (recommended), output to an .mbtiles
Usage: rio rgbify [OPTIONS] SRC_PATH DST_PATH

  -b, --base-val FLOAT   The base value of which to base the output encoding
                         on [DEFAULT=0]
  -i, --interval FLOAT   Describes the precision of the output, by
                         incrementing interval [DEFAULT=1]
  -r, --round-digits     Less significants encoded bits to be set
                         to 0. Round the values, but have better
                         images compression [DEFAULT=0]
  --bidx INTEGER         Band to encode [DEFAULT=1]
  --max-z INTEGER        Maximum zoom to tile (.mbtiles output only)
  --bounding-tile TEXT   Bounding tile '[{x}, {y}, {z}]' to limit output tiles
                         (.mbtiles output only)
  --min-z INTEGER        Minimum zoom to tile (.mbtiles output only)
  --format [png|webp]    Output tile format (.mbtiles output only)
  -j, --workers INTEGER  Workers to run [DEFAULT=4]
  -v, --verbose
  --co NAME=VALUE        Driver specific creation options.See the
                         documentation for the selected output driver for more
  --help                 Show this message and exit.