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visualizing hurricane sandy with NHC data

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Hurricane Sandy

Visualizing Hurricane Sandy with NHC data.

This repository contains two demos for working with NHC data:

Tile Map

  • Use TileMill to render NHC shapefiles
  • Use mapbox.js to display tile layer together with MapBox Streets.
  • TileMill project in tiles/tilemill/sandy
  • See map embedding with mapbox.js in tiles/site.js

Vector Map

  • Convert shapefiles to geojson with GDAL's ogr2ogr
  • Use Polymaps to render geojson on top of MapBox Streets.
  • See ogr2ogr conversion in vector/data/shp2geojson
  • See polymaps usage in vector/site.js


Weather data is from the National Hurricane Center (NHC). Map data is from OpenStreetMap.

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