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simple tile utilities


npm install @mapbox/tilebelt


var tilebelt = require('@mapbox/tilebelt');

var tile = [10,15,8] // x,y,z



function description
tileToGeoJSON(tile) get a geojson representation of a tile
tileToBBOX(tile) get the bbox of a tile
bboxToTile(bbox) get the smallest tile to cover a bbox
getChildren(tile) get the 4 tiles one zoom level higher
getParent(tile) get the tile one zoom level lower
getSiblings(tile) get the 3 sibling tiles for a tile
hasSiblings(tiles, tile) check to see if an array of tiles contains a tiles siblings
hasTile(tiles, tile) check to see if an array of tiles contains a particular tile
tilesEqual(tile1, tile2) check to see if two tiles are the same
tileToQuadkey(tile) get the quadkey for a tile
quadkeyToTile(quadkey) get the tile for a quadkey
pointToTile(lon, lat, zoom) get the tile for a point at a specified zoom level
pointToTileFraction(lon, lat, zoom) get the precise fractional tile location for a point at a zoom level


npm test


npm run bench
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