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fast interface to tiles with pluggable backends

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tilelive.js is an interface for tilestore modules for node.js. It defines an API to interact with implementations for a particular tile store.



Tilelive doesn't ship with any Tilestore backends by default. To use a particular backend, register it with tilelive using require('[implementation]').registerProtocols(tilelive);.

  • tilelive.list(source, callback): Lists all tilesets in a directory. source is a folder that is used by registered implementations to search for individual tilesets. callback receives an error object (or null) and a hash hash with keys being Tilestore IDs and values being Tilestore URIs. Example:
    "world-light": "mbtiles:///path/to/file/world-light.mbtiles",
    "mapquest": "tilejson:///path/to/file/mapquest.tilejson"
  • tilelive.findID(source, id, callback): Looks for a particular tileset ID in a directory. callback receives an error object (or null) and the URI of the tileset.

  • tilelive.load(uri, callback): Loads the Tilestore object associated with the specified uri. callback receives an error object (or null) and the Tilestore object.

  •, callback): Loads the Tilestore object associated with the specified uri and retrieves its metadata in a TileJSON compliant format. callback receives an error object (or null), the metadata hash and the Tilestore object.

  • tilelive.all(source, callback): Loads metadata in a TileJSON compliant format for all tilesets in the source directory. callback receives an error object (or null) and an array with TileJSON metadata about each tileset in that directory.

  • tilelive.verify(tilejson): Validates a TileJSON object and returns error objects for invalid entries.

  • tilelive.copy(args, callback): Copies data from one tilestore into another tilestore. args is a configuration hash with these keys:

    • source: a Tilestore object that implements the Tilesource interface
    • sink: a Tilestore object that implements the Tilesink interface
    • bbox: an array with W/S/E/N boundaries in WGS84 format (-180...180, -90...90)
    • minZoom: the minimum zoom for data to be copied (inclusive)
    • maxZoom: the maximum zoom for data to be copied (inclusive)
    • concurrency: (default: 100) how many data objects should be copied simultaneously.
    • callback: (optional) called when copying is complete
    • tiles: copy tiles (true or false)
    • grids: copy grids (true or false)

    This function returns an EventEmitter that has these events emitted:

    • warning: An error occurred during copying. err is the first argument.
    • error: An error occured while initializing the tilesource/tilesink.
    • finished: Copying completed

    The EventEmitter also has these properties. They are updated continuously while copying. Check them occassionally to report status to the user.

    • copied: Number of elements that have been copied so far
    • failed: Number of elements that couldn't be copied.
    • total: Total number of elements to be copied.
    • started: Timestamp of when the action started in milliseconds after epoch


tilelive can be used to copy data between tilestores. For a full list of options, run bin/tilelive.


To run the tests

npm test


See examples or geode for examples of a tilelive powered server.



  • Tilesources are not verify()'ed automatically during info(). Clients must now do this.


  • Updated to use Tilestore/Tilesink/Tilesource interface
  • Uses the TileJSON format internally
  • Switched to Tilestore URIs
  • Interfaces updated to XYZ. Order of parameters is now z, x, y
  • Added copy command


Split out tilelive-mapnik, mbtiles backends.


This release is all distribution fixes:

  • Uses devDependencies to support docs and testing
  • Fixes test that depended on node-get
  • Removes tilelive_server example: replaced by geode.


  • Now uses and requires node-mapnik 0.3.0


Minor release: adds Pool argument to Tile.getMap(), to let users dispose of used maps.


  • node-sqlite3 replaces node-sqlite for better performance and stability.
  • deep render grid support - layer.json now supports legends and interaction.
  • server.js removed from examples
  • tilelive_server.js added to bin/


  • Tiles no longer accept tile as a scheme. TMS or XYZ are required; TMS is default.
  • options.mapfile is now options.datasource, and can accept a Carto MML object.
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