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TileMill is a map style editor and simple data visualization tool. It currently provides

  • management of layers with shapefile-based datasources and stylesheets in a Mapnik/Cascadenik MML file,
  • an interface for editing Mapnik/Cascadenik MSS files,
  • inspection of metadata in datasources including field data types, sample values, and so on,
  • a set of sensible visualization tools for labeling and shading maps to quickly explore a datasource.


  • TileMill client: A modern, standards compliant web browser.
    • Tested: Chrome 6+
    • Tested: Firefox 3+
    • Target: IE7+
    • May work: Opera 11
  • TileMill server



  • make
  • Python 2.4 or better
  • libzip (deb packages: libzip-dev libzip1)
  • libsqlite3 (deb packages: libsqlite3-dev libsqlite3-0)


  • Build and install Mapnik 2 (latest trunk)
  • Install ndistro

    cd /usr/local/bin && curl | sh
  • Build TileMill dependencies by running ndistro from the TileMill directory

    cd TileMill


  • Optional. Edit the file 'settings.js', including the directory where you'd like to keep TileMill's working files (projects and stylesheets). These can be in your main documents directory or near other TileMill files.
  • Include your s3 credentials or remove the s3 section if you don't want to use that functionality.
  • Include the directory where you want to store shapefiles and other data, or remove the section in configuration.



TileMill should now be running on http://localhost:8889/


  • Dmitri Gaskin (dmitrig01)
  • Young Hahn (yhahn)
  • Tom MacWright (tmcw)
  • Tristen Brown (tristen)
  • Will White (willwhite)
  • AJ Ashton (ajashton)
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