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tar xvzf tornado-0.2.tar.gz
cd tornado-0.2
python build
sudo python install


Options in tilemill.cfg you should review in order to setup TileMill:

  • port: The port that TileMill should use. Defaults to 8889.

  • projects: The location of the projects directory for TileMill. This directory must be readable and writable by the TileMill process. The default location for this directory is tilemill/projects.

  • tilelive_server: URL to the TileLive server. The default URL for the server is http://localhost:8888/.

To run the TileMill server run and open http://localhost:8889. in your web browser.


Projects in TileLive are directories in the projects directory containing an .mml file with a name matching the project directory name (eg. world_map/ and world_map/world_map.mml). The project .mml file may contain references to layers with shapefile datasources and to .mss stylesheets. However there are several requirements to the format of the .mml file:

  • References to shapefiles must be URLs reachable by the TileLive server. Examples:

  • References to .mss files must be TileMill URLs or simple filename references to files in the project directory. Examples:

    • http://localhost:8889/projects/mss?id=example&filename=example
    • example.mss
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