Determine a good place for proj/gdal data #1114

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For packaged TileMill on osx and windows we include the proj4 and gdal libraries. Each need supporting csv files carried through for full function.

We should choose a good place to keep them and make it consistent on both osx and windows. My first thought was tilemill/data but that appears to be automatically moved to ~/Documents/MapBox/cache/data upon start.

So, what is a good place? Discuss...

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What are the supporting CSV files for? I've never seen these before.

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The stuff you have in /usr/local/share/proj and /usr/local/share/gdal. Proj needs this as per #560 and gdal needs them to read certain kinds of geotiffs. Also node-srs, if linked to gdal (which it is on windows), absolutely must have them to function.

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Hrm, we should def. keep these within the tilemill application. Let's keep using data for now? We can just make this copy operation smarter:

Such that only the shapefile data is copied to documents.

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