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Further documentation for how to "Save As..." and versioning #1322

mroswell opened this Issue Feb 24, 2012 · 6 comments

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Issue #67 has been closed, along with a number of duplicate issues , but I think a few bits of documentation are required for this to actually work.

I've prepared draft documentation below. Is this accurate?


  • when I upload to MapBox, what needs to be modified in order not to overwrite a previous file? Is it the "name" item documented below that controls the filename on MapBox?
  • can anyone help with a semver tutorial? I don't honestly know what to do with and the related MapBox field. )

Now that my map of the House Committee on Agriculture ( ) is out there in the real world, and people are requesting tweaks to it, I really want to have a good handle on versioning.

Proposed Documentation - Please review for accuracy:

How to "Save As..." in TileMill

  1. Copy the /MapBox/Project/projectname to another directory under Project

Now you'll have both

  1. Rename

  2. EditNewProjectName.mml, changing the following line to reflect the new project name:

    "project": "ProjectName",
  3. Also Change:
    "name": "ProjectName",

    "name": "NewProjectName",
    or something like:
    "name": "Project Name V.2"

Note that if you edit the original GIS file, it'll edit the underlying data being used by both projects, since they're referencing the same directory. You may choose a different data source for the new project, to ensure that the original map is not modified.

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That shouldn't all be necessary thanks to #970. You just need to duplicate and rename the project folder.


Can you confirm/test: Are you sure? I thought I tried exactly what you just specified, and it ended up displaying only one of the two projects in TileMill, the original file.

Maybe I had something strange going on, because my project file--for some odd reason, maybe some long-ago attempt to backup?-- was called "project.mml" and not "TheProjectName.mml" which was also in the directory, but not accessed.

In any case, it didn't work for me. Does this duplicate/rename approach also create a new file on MapBox?

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Tested and confirmed just now. What version of TileMill? Project files should be named project.mml now.


I'll test tomorrow afternoon.


Just tried this and the new project is not showing up in tilemill, even after a restart. Using 0.9.0

Edit: Nevermind, working just fine. Forgot the new project will still have the name of the old one :) Thanks for adding this.

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this looks resolved. closing.

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