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if ~ is used in user config, export paths break hard #1392

springmeyer opened this Issue · 1 comment

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while ~/Documents/MapBox exists in the default config (and ~ gets properly replaced with process.env.HOME) if this same value ends up in the user's config, then it will slip through the tilemill path logic and break things in odd ways. I was running tilemill from the command line ./index.js and valid export targets ended up going into a folder called ~ inside my tilemill directory, while empty export targets (from the same export process!) ended up going into the expected HOME directory.


to replicate simply:

1) stop tilemill

2) hand edit ~/.tilemill/config.json

3) Add a line like:

  "files": "~/mb",

4) restart tilemill and see:

Creating files dir /Users/dane/projects/tilemill/~/mb
Creating export dir /Users/dane/projects/tilemill/~/mb/export
Creating project dir /Users/dane/projects/tilemill/~/mb/project
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