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Support HTTP Proxy #1521

springmeyer opened this Issue · 4 comments

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For users behind proxies, TileMill breaks at multiple places where an internet connection is needed. It can hang at startup (due to delayed fetching from npm repos), when adding remote layers, when trying to access the sample projects (since initial data cannot be downloaded), and when trying to upload exports to MapBox hosting.

This is an issue to capture all previous proxy related tickets, and to discuss solutions.

Possible solutions include:

  • Not allowing proxy support, detecting it at startup and providing a clear message to the user that proxies are not supported (detection may be tricky, but proxy related ERRNUM's are different than no connection, see: #1451)
  • Add ability to provide HTTP_PROXY details in TileMill settings, which are then passed to the various places http client connections are made
  • Recommend users create a systemwide ENV setting of HTTP_PROXY - likely will not work predictably (see #1454 (comment))

Related tickets:


@tmcw helpfully mentioned for a potentially useful tool to test whatever fix is made here.

Also, thanks to @tmcw - node-get supports HTTP_PROXY, which is what allowed the workaround mentioned at #1454 (comment)


Upstream pull request at npm (npm proxy gets passed to the RegClient) npm/npm#2549


Current progress is at #1550


closed when #1550 merged (in 883a838)

@springmeyer springmeyer closed this
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