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DEPRECATED - Template iOS app for use of Mapbox markers in the SDK
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Latest commit deeb73c Aug 19, 2015 @incanus incanus add SDK deprecation notice
We could always revert this in future if we update the project for GL.
For now, let's just send folks to our guides for good examples.

Mapbox Weekend Picks Template (iOS Edition)

The version of the Mapbox iOS SDK that this project is based on is deprecated. Please visit our mobile guides for examples of how to use Mapbox tools.

This is the native iOS app to compliment the Mapbox markers example:

This is a native iOS app with similar functionality. Once you've got a map with markers on it, just configure the following in MBWPViewController.m:

  • kMapboxMapID: Map ID for your map on Mapbox
  • kTintColorHex: HTML/CSS-style color hex code to match theming with your site

Then, just build & run the app and explore your picks!

Quick demo video:

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