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Mapcrafter playermarkers

This is a script to show markers of players from a Minecraft server on maps rendered with Mapcrafter.

The script is free software and available under the GPL license. The PHP-Script to generate the player images is a modified version of the script TJ09 wrote (forum link).


You need some things to use this script:

  • A map rendered with Mapcrafter
  • A Bukkit Minecraft server with a plugin (MapTools) to provide the player data
  • PHP for your webserver to generate the player images (alternatively, you could also use the default player skin or create the player images manually)
  • PHP write access to a directory to cache the player images
  • PHP-GD library


  • Copy the files from the playermarkers directory to an accessible web directory.
  • Make sure that PHP has write access to a directory called cache.
  • Install the Bukkit plugin. A ready Jar-File of the MapTools plugin is included.
  • Now configure the plugin to export the player data to an accessible file. You can directly configure this in the config file of the plugin or you can create a symlink to the file (on Linux systems, but I hope that you are already on a Linux system):
ln -s /path/to/minecraft/server/players.json /path/to/www/playermarkers/players.json
  • Now configure the playermarkers.js script. You need to specify the path to the JSON-File with the player data and to the PHP-Script to generate the player images. The script should also use the same update interval as the Bukkit plugin. The interval in the Javascript-File is in milliseconds, so don't be irrated. You can also turn the player movement animation off if you don't want it.

  • The last point is that you have to include the script into your rendered map. Open your Mapcrafter template index.html file and add the following lines after the <script> section where the Mapcrafter UI is initialized:

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
<script type="text/javascript" src="/path/to/playermarkers.js"></script>
  • Now you can update the template of your rendered map by running mapcrafter -c <configfile> -r.

Have fun with the player markers!


Mapcrafter interface plugin to show active players on a map.







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