Universal draggable view
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Drag between views




Universal draggable view.


  • easy to use, flexible and universal solution if your user have to drag something:D
  • built in manager
  • by setting one property user can't use the same target frame twice
  • by setting another property only one drag view can be dragged at the same moment
  • two animation speed modes : constant time and and constant velocity
  • by setting one property drag view can be drag out of the current end frame or not

Example Project

Example project is located in Demo directory. It provides some look how TKDragView can be used.


iOS 5.0

ARC Support

TKDragView is compatible with Automatic Reference Counting, altough it's my first project with automatic memory management, so there might be some leaks.


  • Use UIViews instead of CGRects as a targets - will be easier to perform rotations, animations…

  • Non-ARC branch (is there a need for that?)


Tomek Kuźma (mapedd)


TKDragVew is available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info.