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@bjorn bjorn released this Nov 17, 2020

  • Fixed running Tiled on macOS Big Sur (#2845)
  • Fixed opening of files in already open instance of Tiled
  • Fixed crash in Edit Commands dialog (#2914)
  • Fixed Object Alignment not getting set when reloading a tileset
  • Tile Collision Editor: Fixed invisible tile for isometric oriented tileset (#2892)
  • Improved error message when adding external tileset
  • Ignore attempts to replace a tileset with itself
  • qmake: Support linking to system Zstd on all UNIX-like systems
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@bjorn bjorn released this Aug 5, 2020

  • Reverted the default layer data format back to CSV (was changed to Zstd by accident in 1.4.0)
  • Added ability to draw lines using click+drag (in addition to click and click) when holding Shift
  • Improved positioning when adding maps to world via context menu
  • Disable instead of hide the "Save As Template" action when using embedded tilesets
  • Made Ctrl turn off snapping if Snap to Fine Grid is enabled (#2061)
  • Set minimum value of tile width and height to 1
  • Fixed Select Same Tile tool behavior for empty tiles
  • Fixed clickability of the dot in point objects
  • Fixed adjusting of terrain images when tileset width changes
  • Worlds: Fixed potential data loss when opening .world file
  • tmxrasterizer: Added --show-layer option (by Matthias Varnholt, #2858)
  • tmxrasterizer: Added parameter to advance animations (by Sean Ballew, #2868)
  • Scripting: Initialize tile layer size to map size upon add (#2879)
  • Windows installer: Made creation of the desktop shortcut optional
  • Windows installer: Made the launching of Tiled optional
  • Updated Qt to 5.12.9 on all platforms except Windows XP and snap releases
  • snap: Fixed issues with storing the default session (#2852)
  • snap: Enabled support for Zstandard (#2850)
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@bjorn bjorn released this Jun 25, 2020

  • When opening a .world file, load the world and open its first map
  • When opening an object template, show it in the Template Editor
  • Fixed crash on trying to export using the command-line (#2842)
  • Fixed crash when deleting multiple objects with manual drawing order (#2844)
  • Fixed potential crash when removing a tileset
  • Fixed potential scaling happening for maps used as tilesets (#2843)
  • Fixed positioning of map view when switching between maps in a world
  • Fixed file dialog start location
  • Scripting: Fixed issues with absolute file paths on Windows (#2841)
  • Lua plugin: Fixed syntax used for object properties (#2839)
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@bjorn bjorn released this Jun 19, 2020

  • Added support for projects (#1665)
  • Added object reference property type (with Steve Le Roy Harris and Phlosioneer, #707)
  • Added world editing tool for adding/removing and moving around maps in a world (with Nils Kübler, #2208)
  • Added a quick "Open file in Project" (Ctrl+P) action
  • Added new Object Alignment property to Tileset (with Phlosioneer, #91)
  • Added layer tint color (by Gnumaru, #2687)
  • Added support for using maps as images (with Phlosioneer, #2708)
  • Added 'Open with System Editor' action for custom file properties (#2172)
  • Added option to render object names when exporting as image (#2216)
  • Added 'Replace Tileset' action to Tilesets view
  • Added shortcut to tooltips for all registered actions
  • Added automatic reloading of object templates (by Phlosioneer, #2699)
  • Added 'Clear Console' button and context menu action (#2220)
  • Added 'Reopen Closed File' (Ctrl+Shift+T) action
  • Added status bar button to toggle the Console view
  • Added a border around the tile selection highlight
  • Switch current tileset tab if all selected tiles are from the same tileset (by Mitch Curtis, #2792)
  • Made tileset dynamic wrapping toggle persistent
  • Properties view: Added action for adding a property to context menu (#2796)
  • Optimized loading of CSV tile layer data (by Phlosioneer, #2701)
  • Improved map positioning when toggling 'Clear View'
  • Remember the preferred format used for saving
  • Normalize rotation values when rotating objects (#2775)
  • Removed the Maps view (replaced by Project view)
  • Removed file system hierarchy from Templates view (replaced by Project view)
  • Fixed potential crash when triggering AutoMap (#2766)
  • Fixed the status bar placement to be always at the bottom of the window
  • Fixed potential issue with automatic reloading of files (#1904)
  • Fixed issue where image layer images cannot be loaded from Qt resource files (by obeezzy, #2711)
  • GmxPlugin: Added support for layer tint color
  • Scripting: Assign global variables to console script evaluations (by Phlosioneer, #2724)
  • Scripting: Added coordinate conversion to TileMap
  • Scripting: Added support for custom "file" properties
  • Scripting: Added checks for nullptr arguments (by Phlosioneer, #2736)
  • Scripting: Added some missing tileset related properties
  • Scripting: Added FileInfo API with various file path operations (with David Konsumer, #2822)
  • Scripting: Provide access to registered file formats (by Phlosioneer, #2716)
  • Scripting: Enabled scripted formats to be used on the command-line
  • Scripting: Added functions to access inherited properties (by Bill Clark, #2813)
  • Scripting: Introduced __filename global value (with konsumer)
  • Scripting: Fixed ObjectGroup.insertObjectAt to use the index
  • docs: Clarify "can contain" documentation and error handling (by Phlosioneer, #2702)
  • docs: Document all optional attributes, update some docs (by Phlosioneer, #2705)
  • docs: Alphabetize scripting API reference (by Phlosioneer, #2720)
  • docs: Added missing BinaryFile constructor docs (by Phlosioneer, #2732)
  • docs: Enabled Algolia powered search
  • libtiled-java: Big update to support newer TMX attributes (by Mike Thomas, #1925)
  • libtiled-java: Fixed writing of the tile type (by Phlosioneer, #2704)
  • libtiled-java: Enable loading of maps from jar files (by Adam Hornáček, #2829)
  • Updated Bulgarian, Chinese (Simplified), Czech, Finnish, French, Norwegian Bokmål, Portuguese (Portugal) and Turkish translations

This is an update of the earlier Tiled 1.4.0 tag with a few essential fixes to reloading of templates.

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@bjorn bjorn released this May 31, 2020

  • Fixed initialization and restoring of map view (#2779)
  • Fixed skewed tile terrain/Wang overlays for non-square tiles (#1943)
  • Fixed link color on dark theme
  • Fixed small issue when right-clicking embedded tileset tab
  • Fixed Wang Sets toggle to also appear in the Tileset menu
  • Scripting: Fixed issue when closing/committing BinaryFile (#2801)
  • Scripting: Fixed "Safe writing of files" when writing with TextFile
  • Updated Qt to 5.12.8 on all platforms
  • Small translation updates to Bulgarian, French and Portuguese

Note: This release was originally tagged on May 27th, but was re-tagged May 30th after fixing the broken macOS release.

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@bjorn bjorn released this Apr 14, 2020

  • Fixed automatic reload issues when editing object types (regression in 1.3.1, #2768)
  • Scripting: Added methods to get tileset's image size (backported from 1.4, #2733)
  • Scripting: Fixed map.tilesets when 'Embed tilesets' is enabled
  • Fixed the "Fix Tileset" button in the Template Editor
  • macOS: Disabled unified tool bar to avoid repainting issues (#2667)
  • macOS and Linux: Updated Qt from 5.12.6 to 5.12.7
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@bjorn bjorn released this Mar 3, 2020

  • Fixed loading of compression level (#2753)
  • Fixed default value for Hex Side Length property
  • Fixed hiding of status bar text for some tools
  • Fixed removing of object labels when removing a group layer
  • GmxPlugin: Fixed compatibility with GameMaker 1.4.9999
  • Scripting: Made TextFile.commit and BinaryFile.commit close as well
  • Scripting: Fixed crashes when modifying certain new objects (#2747)
  • Scripting: Fixed potential crash in Asset.macro/undo/redo/isModified
  • Scripting: Fixed potential crash when accessing Tool.preview
  • Scripting: Fixed loading of images from extensions folder
  • Scripting: Reload extensions also when files are added/removed
  • Updated Bulgarian translation (by Любомир Василев)
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@bjorn bjorn released this Jan 22, 2020

  • Fixed initialization of selected layers (#2719)
  • Fixed stamp action shortcuts not being configurable (#2684)
  • Fixed the tileset view to respect the 'wheel zooms by default' preference
  • Fixed insertion position when using drag-n-drop to rearrange layers
  • Fixed displayed layer data format in Properties
  • Fixed repeating of export when map is saved by a custom command (#2709)
  • Fixed issue when multiple worlds are loaded that use pattern matching
  • Issues view can now be hidden by clicking the status bar counters
  • macOS: Fixed black toolbar when enabling OpenGL rendering (#1839)
  • Windows: Fixed context menus activating first item on release (#2693)
  • Windows installer: Include the 'defoldcollection' plugin (#2677)
  • Windows installer: Signed by SignPath
  • libtiled: Avoid inheriting Properties from QVariantMap (#2679)
  • docs: Added some notes to Python and JavaScript pages (#2725)
  • Updated Qt from 5.12.5 to 5.12.6
  • Updated Finnish translation (by Tuomas Lähteenmäki and odamite)
  • Updated part of Italian translation (by Katia Piazza)
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@bjorn bjorn released this Nov 20, 2019

  • Added reloading of object types when changed externally (by Jacob Coughenour, #2674)
  • Added a status bar to the startup screen
  • Made the shortcuts for the tools configurable (#2666)
  • Made Undo/Redo shortcuts configurable (#2669)
  • Fixed importing of keyboard settings (.kms files) (#2671)
  • Fixed small window showing up on startup for a split second
  • Windows: Fixed the shipped version of OpenSSL (fixes new version notification)
  • Tiled Quick: Don't compile/install by default (#2673)
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@bjorn bjorn released this Nov 13, 2019

  • Added support for extending Tiled with JavaScript (#949)
  • Added error and warning counts to the status bar
  • Added Issues view where you can see warnings and errors and interact with them
  • Added configuration of keyboard shortcuts (#215)
  • Added status bar notification on new releases (replacing Sparkle and WinSparkle)
  • Added option to show tile collision shapes on the map (#799)
  • Added switching current layer with Ctrl + Right Click in map view
  • Added search filter to the Objects view (#1467)
  • Added icons to objects in the Objects view
  • Added dynamic wrapping mode to the tileset view (#1241)
  • Added a *.world file filter when opening a world file
  • Added support for .world files in tmxrasterizer (by Samuel Magnan, #2067)
  • Added synchronization of selected layers and tileset when switching between maps in a world (by JustinZhengBC, #2087)
  • Added actions to show/hide and lock/unlock the selected layers
  • Added toggle button for "Highlight Current Layer" action
  • Added custom output chunk size option to map properties (by Markus, #2130)
  • Added support for Zstandard compression and configurable compression level (with BRULE Herman and Michael de Lang, #1888)
  • Added option to minimize output on export (#944)
  • Added export to Defold .collection files (by CodeSpartan, #2084)
  • Added a warning when custom file properties point to non-existing files (#2080)
  • Added shortcuts for next/previous tileset (#1238)
  • Added saving of the last export target and format in the map/tileset file (#1610)
  • Added option to repeat the last export on save (#1610)
  • Added Fit Map in View action (by Mateo de Mayo, #2206)
  • Tile Collision Editor: Added objects list view
  • Changed the Type property from a text box to an editable combo box (#823)
  • Changed animation preview to follow zoom factor for tiles (by Ruslan Gainutdinov, #2050)
  • Changed the shortcut for AutoMap from A to Ctrl+M
  • AutoMapping: Added "OverflowBorder" and "WrapBorder" options (by João Baptista de Paula e Silva, #2141)
  • AutoMapping: Allow any supported map format to be used for rule maps
  • Python plugin: Added support for loading external tileset files (by Ruin0x11, #2085)
  • Python plugin: Added Tile.type() and MapObject.effectiveType() (by Ruin0x11, #2124)
  • Python plugin: Added Object.propertyType() (by Ruin0x11, #2125)
  • Python plugin: Added Tileset.sharedPointer() function (#2191)
  • tmxrasterizer: Load plugins to support additional map formats (by Nathan Tolbert, #2152)
  • tmxrasterizer: Added rendering of object layers (by oncer, #2187)
  • Fixed missing native styles when compiled against Qt 5.10 or later (#1977)
  • Fixed file change notifications no longer triggering when file was replaced (by Nathan Tolbert, #2158)
  • Fixed layer IDs getting re-assigned when resizing the map (#2160)
  • Fixed performance issues when switching to a new map in a world with many maps (by Simon Parzer, #2159)
  • Fixed restoring of expanded group layers in Objects view
  • Fixed tileset view to keep position at mouse stable when zooming (#2039)
  • libtiled-java: Added support for image layers and flipped tiles (by Sergey Savchuk, #2006)
  • libtiled-java: Optimized map reader and fixed path separator issues (by Pavel Bondoronok, #2006)
  • Updated builds on all platforms to Qt 5.12 (except snap release)
  • Raised minimum supported Qt version from 5.5 to 5.6
  • Raised minimum supported macOS version from 10.7 to 10.12
  • Removed option to include a DTD in the saved files
  • Removed the automappingconverter tool
  • snap: Updated from Ubuntu 16.04 to 18.04 (core18, Qt 5.9)
  • Updated Chinese, Portuguese (Portugal), Turkish and Ukrainian translations

(For those who have downloaded Tiled 1.3.0 from November 12th, please download again because the initial builds contained a regression affecting the template editor and tile collision editor.)

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