A component of MapFish for printing templated cartographic maps. This module is the Java serverside module. For support post to the mailing list: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/mapfish-print-users
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Please read the documentation available here: http://mapfish.github.io/mapfish-print/

For support or questions post on the mailing list: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/mapfish-print-users


Execute the following command():

> ./gradlew build

This will build three artifacts: print-servlet-xxx.war, print-lib.jar, print-standalone.jar

The build also builds the documentation in the docs/build/site folder. To deploy the documentation it should simply be copied to the gh-pages branch and then committed GitHub will automatically build the updated site at: http://mapfish.github.io/mapfish-print/

If you only want to build the docs simply run

> ./gradlew docs:build

or run build in the docs directory


The following command will build and upload all artifacts to the maven central repository.

> ./gradlew uploadArchives -DsshPassphrase=...

You can as well generate a docker image using this command:

> ./gradlew createDocker

If you want to force the version to something custom, you can define the DOCKER_VERSION environment variable.

To use in Eclipse

Create Eclipse project metadata:

> ./gradlew eclipse

Import project into Eclipse

Run from commandline

The following command will run the mapfish printer. The arguments must be supplied to the -PprintArgs="..." parameter.

To list all the commandline options then execute:

> ./gradlew print -PprintArgs="-help"
> ./gradlew print -PprintArgs="-config examples/config.yaml -spec examples/spec.json -output ./output.pdf"

If you want to run in debug mode you can do the following:

Run in Eclipse

  • Create new Java Run Configuration
  • Main class is org.mapfish.print.cli.Main
  • Program arguments: -config samples/config.yaml -spec samples/spec.json -output $HOME/print.pdf

Contributor License Agreement

Before accepting a contribution, we ask that you provide us a Contributor License Agreement. If you are making your contribution as part of work for your employer, please follow the guidelines on submitting a Corporate Contributor License Agreement. If you are making your contribution as an individual, you can submit a digital Individual Contributor License Agreement.