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Please read the documentation available here:

Camptocamp is providing professional assistance services, open source software maintenance and new feature development for MapFish Print. Please reach us if you have any inquiry, we'd be glad to help. Every income helps float this project.


Building mapfish-print requires make and Docker.


Execute the following command():

> make build

This will build three artifacts: print-servlet-xxx.war, print-lib.jar, print-standalone.jar.

The build also builds the documentation in the docs/build/site folder. To deploy the documentation it should simply be copied to the gh-pages branch and then committed GitHub will automatically build the updated site at:

If you only want to build the docs simply run:

> ./gradlew docs:build

or run build in the docs directory.

The test (part of the build) requires the 'Liberation Sans' font, which can be downloaded here.

Debug mode

To be able to quickly test modifications in the print you should:

  • Copy the file docker-compose.override.sample.yaml to docker-compose.override.yaml.
  • Run docker compose up -d, The print will be available on port 8080 and on code modification will be built and trigger a restart.

With that you will have a running print, when you modify the code the print will be rebuilt and restarted, and the debugging port will be opened on 5005.

Create new stabilization branch

  • Update
  • Create a new branch name x.y from master.
  • Create a new label names backport x.y in the right color (GitHub: Issues -> Labels -> New Label).
  • Create a tag x.y.0.
  • On the master branch: Update the file, add a policy for the new and old version.
  • On the master branch update the .github/workflows/rebuild.yaml file by adding the new branch name.
  • On the master branch update the .github/workflows/audit.yaml file by adding the new branch name.

Run from command line

The following command will run the MapFish printer. The arguments must be supplied to the -PprintArgs="..." parameter.

To list all the command line options then execute (the current directory is ./core):

> ./gradlew print -PprintArgs="-help"
> ./gradlew print -PprintArgs="-config ../examples/src/test/resources/examples/simple/config.yaml -spec ../examples/src/test/resources/examples/simple/requestData.json -output ./output.pdf"

If you want to run in debug mode you can do the following:

> ./gradlew print --debug-jvm -PprintArgs="-config ../examples/src/test/resources/examples/simple/config.yaml -spec ../examples/src/test/resources/examples/simple/requestData.json -output ./output.pdf"

For the examples that use GeoServer you should run it in the composition, then build and start the composition:

make build
cp docker-compose.override.sample.yaml docker-compose.override.yaml
make acceptance-tests-up

Run the example:

docker-compose exec builder gradle print -PprintArgs="-config /src/examples/src/test/resources/examples/simple/config.yaml -spec /src/examples/src/test/resources/examples/simple/requestData.json -output /src/examples/output.pdf"

To use in Eclipse

Create Eclipse project metadata:

> ./gradlew eclipse

Import project into Eclipse

Run in Eclipse

  • Create new Java Run Configuration
  • Main class is org.mapfish.print.cli.Main
  • Program arguments: -config samples/config.yaml -spec samples/spec.json -output \$HOME/print.pdf

Contributor License Agreement

Before accepting a contribution, we ask that you provide us a Contributor License Agreement. If you are making your contribution as part of work for your employer, please follow the guidelines on submitting a Corporate Contributor License Agreement. If you are making your contribution as an individual, you can submit a digital Individual Contributor License Agreement.





Thanks to YourKit for letting us use their Java profiler!

Published artifacts


War and jar

From JitPack repository

Releases, including various assets