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Functional patterns for object-oriented minds

Slides and code for presentation to be held by@lallea at JavaZone 2016.


  • JDK 8
  • Scala 2.11
  • Maven
  • Python 3

Running the presentation

  • Start IntelliJ and open this project.
  • Create run configurations that execute "bin/ next" and "bin/ prev".
  • Enter presentation mode.
  • Open the class ScalaSlide.
  • Move between the slides by executing the "next" and "prev" runners above. If write_mode is set to True in, any changes will be saved, otherwise discarded.
  • When entering the second part of the presentation, with lenses, vertically split the editor pane and open ScalaSlideTest.
  • Switch to JavaSlide and JavaSlideTest for the JsonPath slide, and then back to ScalaSlide + ScalaSlideTest.
  • Two slides refer to Spotify production code, which is not included.