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This repo imported from https://svgextension.codeplex.com/

Installation: From Releases download and run appropriate binary for your system, then kill explorer.exe and icon cache (ref):

TASKKILL /IM explorer* /F
DEL "%localappdata%\IconCache.db" /A

I imported the svg-explorer-extension from CodePlex posted here to GitHub because I use the extension and I didn't want to lose access to it when CodePlex shut down in 2017.

I'm primarily a python guy and am ill equipped to maintaining this project. So if you know C++ and have some time to spare, please feel free to take over! In the meantime I'm happy to merge pull requests for those who care to offer drive-by fixin's but can't vet them for quality or completeness. ;-)


Original readme follows:

SVG Viewer Extension for Windows Explorer

Extension module for Windows Explorer to render SVG thumbnails, so that you can have an overview of your SVG files.


New signed installer have been uploaded from version 0.1.1 thanks to www.certum.eu! In this version only the installer is signed, but from now on both the DLLs and the installers will be signed. Installation You can just simply use the provided binary installers. Make sure you download the right architecture.

IMPORTANT: The 32 bit installer will run on a 64 bit system, but the extension will not function.


The easiest way to build it is with the provided Qt project file. I suggest to use Qt Creator. Requirements:

  • Qt SDK
  • Windows 7 SDK
  • Qt SDK 64 bit (for 64 bit builds only) NOTE: You have to compile Qt for 64 bit by yourself.

Thanks to

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