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Map data at scale from street-level imagery

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  1. OpenSfM OpenSfM Public

    Open source Structure-from-Motion pipeline

    Python 3.3k 844

  2. inplace_abn inplace_abn Public

    In-Place Activated BatchNorm for Memory-Optimized Training of DNNs

    Python 1.3k 187

  3. mapillary-js mapillary-js Public

    Interactive, extendable street imagery map experiences in the browser, powered by WebGL

    TypeScript 427 82

  4. seamseg seamseg Public

    Seamless Scene Segmentation

    Python 287 53

  5. mapillary_tools mapillary_tools Public

    Command line tools for processing and uploading Mapillary imagery

    Python 255 134

  6. mapillary_sls mapillary_sls Public

    Mapillary Street-level Sequences Dataset

    Jupyter Notebook 99 15


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