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Organizational website for, an organization that strives to improve the lives of indigenous peoples in the Amazon.
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COP21 December 01 Paris

Menu Overview

  • RP Model
    • landing page with model
    • mission (image text)
    • annual reports (sq.images to pdf)
    • team (bios, image text)
    • press (articles)
    • sponsors (v2 list)
    • partners (v1 project type)
  • Creative Initiative
    • boxes landing page
    • creative council
    • rainforest listening
    • rainforest remix
    • rainforest sites
  • Get Involved
    • get involved landing page
    • become an influencer (project wireframe)
    • contact us (listing)
    • sponsor (written and links)
    • volunteer or intern ( written and links)
    • events (image of each event with event info)
  • Blog (link to current)
  • Educational Initiative (landing page)
    • 2 Projects
  • Tickets (splashthat eventbrite)
  • Donate (modal mobilecause)
    • Micro landings (miminc success icons)
      • c02
      • people
      • trees
      • acres
  • Landing Pages
    • About Us
    • Projects
    • Get Involved
      • Steps


  • Footer Headquartered in Austin, International reach, UN recognized
  • Explain how we are international, how RP began and how we work now

Start Here

  • Landing page (add footer)
  • Project Pages (cleanup)
  • Menu Pages (Wireframes need coding)
  • Newsletter (Emma / confirmation page)
  • Instagram feed
  • Sticky Navigation
  • Donations launch in Modal
  • Ticker
  • Increase timer for hover on nav

Donations by:

Wish list


  • Bluehost
  • Develop on standalone
  • Migrate on Wednesday
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