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Department of Informatics Simplified Environment for Laboratories

The disel framweork (Department of Informatics Simplified Environment for Laboraoties) aims to create an environment that will allow computer science students to concentrate on conceptual aspects of prgramming by providing a simplified developement environment.

This framework wants to make easy (and fun) for students to practice programming by hiding the technical details usually involved in setting up (installing and configuring) the development (and testing) toolchain and using its complex and diverse tools.

Even if the proficiency with the command line and the ability to manage and use complex software are very important (and unavoidable) skills of a computer science student, we believe that imposing such requirements to first year programming classes often tends to hide the conceptual aspects of the discipline and discourages from practicing – a more disastrous outcome than delaying the achievement of more technical skills.

Observe that "programming" here is to be understood in a broad sense: the framework (via a sort of pligin system) should be able to support compiled programming languages (such as C, or Java), scripting languages (Python, Javascript, bash…), and other languages (such as SQL, R, Verilog…). In this sense, it could be hopefully used in many classes behind first year "standard" programming ones.

Design phase

The project is in a design phase, please see the wiki for some very preliminary draft.

Any help will be appreciated, if you want to collaborate (to the desing, developement, or testing phase) feel free to fork and request a pull if you feel so inclined.