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Code for talking to a Current Cost EnviR energy meter
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Current Cost EnviR reader tool

This is a simple command line tool for fetching the current energy usage, temperature and time from a Current Cost EnviR electricity usage meter.

It has been tested against the EnviR meter, but may well work with other meters in the current cost range.


python [-t timeout] [-p serial-port] [-b baudrate] [-o "formatted list of output"]


  • timeout: is max time to wait for a reading (Default 10 seconds)
  • serial-port: Serial port that the meter is connected to (default /dev/ttyUSB0)
  • baudrate: Speed to connect to device (default 57600, which you shouldn't need to change unless you're using a different meter)

Format string similar to 'Energy Now: {{option}}, Temperature: {{option}}'


  • This has been tested against the EnviR, but may well work with other devices in the range (if you change the baud rate).
  • Currently this only supports one sensor connected to the device.


  • Python 2
  • pySerial


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