Import Flickr photos and videos from Flickr data dump
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Flickr Data dump import for Known

This is a Known Console plugin which can be used to import a flickr data export (available for download from your flickr accounts page).

Unlike previous attempts this plugin does not use the flickr api, and so can be done offline.


You need the following things to get this going:


  • Drop FlickrDumpImport folder into the ConsolePlugins folder of your idno installation.
  • Download your flickr data and save it in a directory somewhere (there is no need to unzip them first)
  • Execute your import from the console:
./known.php import-flickr USERNAME /path/to/flickr/data/


  • Support permissions
  • Store additional metadata from Flickr import


Photos appear to import, but I see a big "?" on my feed

If you're importing on anything other than "localhost" you're likely going have to set the KNOWN_DOMAIN environment variable before running the import.

Set this to the domain you're site is on, so for, set KNOWN_DOMAIN as follows:


All import's fail with an error that data could not be written

The console plugin will attempt to write to your Known data directory. Unless you're running the import as your web server user, you're going to need to make sure your data directory is writable by the user you're running the import as.

It's also a good plan to check ownership and permissions on all files after running the data import, as you may run into edit problems if the image data isn't owned by the web server's user.