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IPFS backend file support for Known
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Known IPFS Support (experimental)

This plugin adds IPFS file support to Known.


Step Zero: Install an IPFS server. This is a little bit out of scope, but I used go-ipfs during development.

Once you've done that:

  • Download the latest version of Known. I recommend that you either use the GitHub version or the Unofficial packages available from my website.
  • Create an IPFS directory in your IdnoPlugins directory, and copy these files into it.
  • Activate it from the Admin panel.


  • composer require mapkyca/known-ipfs


The IPFS plugin will default to using localhost:8080. If you want to change this, you will need to modify your config.ini as follows:

host = 'servername'
port = 1234
apiport = 5678

Replace the values accordingly, but make sure you keep the [IPFS] section header.

Known Issues

This software is very much experimental at the moment, but feel free to issues in github.

That said, I know about:

Don't run composer

The plugin makes use of the php-ipfs-api library.

Unfortunately, the version that is currently available via composer has a small bug that corrupts uploaded data, and so I had to fix the error in place.

I have filed an issue with the author, but the composer package is updated to what's currently on github, running a composer install will likely break the plugin.

Still to do

This plugin functionally does not change how files are actually stored - a local object is still created , although the data itself is stored elsewhere.

Could this be done more efficiently? For example, could a direct link be provided? Likely this would require some core hooks - for example a getFileURL() on file objects.


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