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Elgg 1.8 Recaptcha: I needed a recaptcha for a client project, had this one kicking around so gave it a 1.8 spit and polish
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Elgg 1.8 Recaptcha code

Hooks into the elgg event system to provide an extensible captcha validation tool based on recaptcha.

I'm sure there are other captcha implementations for elgg, but I couldn't see one that worked quite right or was updated fairly often. I had this kicking around for a 1.6 build so I did a quick update.


  • Follow the usual Elgg module installation practices, I.e. put the directory in your /mod.
  • Visit and get public and private keys for your domain
  • Place these keys in the plugin's settings.


  • Use the view input/captcha in your forms to display the captcha
  • Listen to the 'actionlist', 'captcha' plugin hook in your plugin's init function, and add to an array of actions which require captcha validation.


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