Simple virtual page framework library for PHP
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Simple PHP Virtual page handler library

This is a simple page handler for PHP for creating virtual pages. I use a similar library in numerous sites and projects, and rather than keep cutting and pasting, I figured it deserved its own library.


    // Register a page
    \simple_page_handler\Page::create('my/page/', function($page, array $subpages) {

        // Your page handling code



    // And in your example page handler endpoint
    try {
        if (!\simple_page_handler\Page::call(\simple_page_handler\Input::get('page'))) {
            echo "Something went wrong.";
    } catch (Exception $e) {
        echo $e->getMessage();

Once you've created your endpoint handler you should use .htaccess to redirect any unhandled requests to your endpoint. See example_htaccess_dist.


  • Mod_rewrite