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A Google Drive Index built with Vue Running on CloudFlare Workers
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繁體中文 简体中文

GDIndex is similar to GOIndex. It allows you to deploy a "Google Drive Index" on CloudFlare Workers along with many extra features

By the way, instead of modify from GOIndex, this is a total rewrite


Difference between GOIndex and GDIndex

  • Frontend is based on Vue.js
  • Image viewer doesn't require opening new page
  • Video player support subtitles(Currently only srt is supported)
  • Online PDF, EPUB reader
  • No directory-level password protection(.password)
  • Support Http Basic Auth
  • Support multiple drives(personal, team) without changing server's code


Simple and automatic way

Go, and follow its instructions.

Manual way

  1. Install rclone
  2. Setup your Google Drive:
  3. Run rclone config file to find your rclone.conf location
  4. Find refresh_token in your rclone.conf, and root_folder_id too(optionally).
  5. Copy the content of worker/dist/worker.js to CloudFlare Workers.
  6. Fill refresh_token, root_folder_id and other options on the top of the script.
  7. Deploy!
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