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A simple http file server


npm i -g httpsrv #yarn global add httpsrv
httpsrv .

then open localhost:3333


Usage: httpsrv <basedir>

  --help              Show help                                        [boolean]
  --version           Show version number                              [boolean]
  --port, -p          Port to listen                    [number] [default: 3333]
  --log, -l           Enable logger                                    [boolean]
  --indexhtml, -i     Try to show index.html if exists                 [boolean]
  --instantclick, -x  disable instantclick.js in directory page
                                                       [boolean] [default: true]
  --cors, -c          Access-Control-Allow-Origin header                [string]
  --fallback, -f      A file will be send when 404, useful in SPA (will disable
                      directory listing page)                           [string]

  httpsrv . -p 8888  Start server on port 8888

API (cli.js)

#!/usr/bin/env node
const createServer = require('./index') //require('httpsrv')
const { _: [basedir], port, log, cors, fallback, indexhtml } = require('yargs')
  .usage('Usage: $0 <basedir>') //many things....

//options same as cli options, return an express app
const app=createServer({ basedir, log, cors, fallback, indexhtml , instantclick })
app.listen(port, _ => console.log(`listen on *:${port}`))