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  • send tracebacks from the server by email to the admins

  • write some functional tests for the client

  • add some anti-flooding mechanism (e.g. disallow subsequent submissions from the same IP)

  • look for TODOs and FIXMEs in the code and fix them

  • investigate using uuidgen(1) for generating a popcorn sysid which we then store on the system (this way we don't require smolt to be installed on the system)

More fun

  • RESTful API - to allow extracting information about submissions by third-party services

  • package the client for inclusion in the openSUSE distribution

  • openSUSE YaST install integration - this would be the primary way to get users to sign up as submitters to popcorn (the way it's currently being done in Ubuntu/Debian)

  • think about anonymizing the submissions (keep in mind that we still have to be able to track systems somehow, maybe hashing the hw_uuuid would be a good start) - also look at what popcon is doing

  • OBS (openSUSE build service) integration

  • archive old submissions (since submissions don't change once they have been created and since we're going to have a LOT of submissions, maybe archiving the old ones + caching the results of common queries would provide a big performance improvement down the line)

  • openSUSE Software Center integration (could show the popularity of packages)

  • rewrite the client in language that's available in the core system for Fedora/openSUSE/SLES etc. (AFAIK python isn't included in a default install on some distros - we shouldn't require a big dependency such as python for running popcorn)

  • work on the website design

  • Fedora integration: packaging, anaconda, packagedb etc.