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@mapleoin mapleoin compression task done Apr 4, 2012 adebb90
@mapleoin mapleoin uuidgen Mar 23, 2012 767f5c0
@mapleoin mapleoin traceback Mar 23, 2012 49d7e3f
@mapleoin mapleoin add anti-flooding task Mar 22, 2012 f752100
@mapleoin mapleoin akshit working on compress submissions + write functional tests for the client Mar 22, 2012 348bb17
@mapleoin mapleoin remove pagination as it is done Mar 20, 2012 2f37626
@mapleoin mapleoin added note about Akshit working on pagination Mar 17, 2012 6bb65c7
@mapleoin mapleoin Updated TODO (markdown) Mar 14, 2012 88d7ae9
@mapleoin mapleoin added a note about anonymizing submissions Mar 14, 2012 6badc67
@mapleoin mapleoin added compression task Mar 10, 2012 c605bf4
@mapleoin mapleoin added design work Mar 7, 2012 2da3b0f
@mapleoin mapleoin Updated TODO (markdown) Mar 7, 2012 b3a1a22
@mapleoin mapleoin Updated TODO (markdown) Mar 7, 2012 eb7ddee
@mapleoin mapleoin Updated Ideas (markdown) Mar 6, 2012 e6cf49e
@mapleoin mapleoin create an Ideas page Mar 6, 2012 6ef2ec6
@mapleoin mapleoin Initial Commit Mar 5, 2012 99f4366
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