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MapLibre Logo

MapLibre GL Native

MapLibre GL Native is a free and open-source library for publishing maps in your apps and desktop applications on various platforms. Fast displaying of maps is possible thanks to GPU-accelerated vector tile rendering.

This project originated as a fork of Mapbox GL Native, before their switch to a non-OSS license in December 2020. For more information, see:

Android device with MapLibre iOS device with MapLibre

Getting Started

To get started with MapLibre GL Native, go to your platform below.


The documentation of MapLibre GL Native is a work in progress. To get an architectural overview and to learn about the current state of the project and its path forward read the MapLibre GL Native Markdown Book. See below for platform-specific documentation.


Platforms with a ⭐️ are MapLibre Core Projects and have a substantial amount of financial resources allocated to them. Learn about the different project tiers.

Renderer Modularization & Metal


MapLibre GL Native is being actively developed. Our big goal for 2023 is to modularize the OpenGL renderer and implement a Metal graphics backend ( This will improve the performance and yield lower power consumption on iOS devices. At the same time, the Metal preparations will help us in the implementation of a Vulkan graphics backend.

Your help in preparing the codebase for the latest graphics backends is more than welcome. Feel free to reach out if you are interested in joining the effort!


To contribute to MapLibre GL Native, see and (if applicable) the specific instructions for the platform you want to contribute to.

Getting Involved

Join the #maplibre-native Slack channel at OSMUS. Get an invite at

Bounties 💰

Thanks to our sponsors, we are able to award bounties to developers making contributions toward certain bounty directions. To get started doing bounties, refer to the step-by-step bounties guide.


We thank everyone who supported us financially in the past and special thanks to the people and organizations who support us with recurring donations!

Read more about the MapLibre Sponsorship Program at


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Backers and Supporters:


MapLibre GL Native is licensed under the BSD 2-Clause License.