Static, web-based, auto-complete dictionary app with thousands of words.
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Static website for searching a dictionary of thousands of words, with an autocompleting search bar and support for accents on words.

In production

I am using this code to search and display content from an 8,500-word dictionary.

I am working with SugarLabs to build a Haitian Creole dictionary which we can deliver to One Laptop per Child laptops, in a Sugar activity or on a school server, and through mobile apps. HTML/JSON was a clear winner.

How it works

Preparing content

The Haitian Creole content cannot be released at this time, but essentially you populate content.csv with several thousand rows in the format

word,part of speech,definition

Run to create a words list at words.json and a definition file for each word. For example, words/sample.json for the word "sample".

Delivering content

Twitter Bootstrap's autocomplete tool matches your text against words in words.json, with accents and case insensitive. You pick the word from the list, the browser quickly finds the matching JSON file from the words directory, and the part of speech and definition are loaded into the interface.