Game Off 2012: Missile Command with incoming missiles representing pull requests. Play 'meta' or with real repos
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Pull Command

A game based on Github


You run a Github repo (an online code library).

You face several incoming pull requests (code changes) which either affect the game as you play it (Meta mode) or represent real Github code changes (Bootstrap, Rails, and a FORTRAN project).

You gain points for shooting down rejected pull requests and letting successful (merged) ones pass through.

You lose points for doing it the other way around.

Use the pull request message to determine friend from foe. Hover the mouse over an incoming missile to see a description.

Start in Meta Mode

Even if you don't know about Github or coding, you can play in Meta mode.

Sample "bad" pull requests

  • Double speed of incoming missiles
  • Change font to Comic Sans

Sample "good" pull requests

  • Add second defense launcher
  • Slow down incoming missiles


Pull Command runs on Github Pages. You can add new repos with the included

1) Set the repo list

repos = [

2) Run python It may take several minutes to a few hours to download pull request information.

3) Add options to index.html

<li id="gameMode4">
  <a href="#" onclick="gameMode(5, 'USERNAME-REPONAME');">REPONAME</a>


Based on Andrew Mason's MIT-licensed Missile Command JavaScript Clone.

Includes Bootstrap and jQuery


Open source, MIT license