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logo MapMint

MapMint is a Geographic Information System (GIS) software running on a web server made to facilitate the administration of a Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI), publishing cartographic portals and webmapping applications.

The MapMint platform is a GIS Software accessible thourgh a simple web browser but also a modular and extensible WEB-GIS application generator. It provides numerous GIS capability and let the user do the following:

  • Import and store GIS data (both vector and raster data)
  • Query Relational Database System and external WMS/WFS servers
  • Publish GIS data by using OGC Web Services: WMS, WFS et WMTS
  • Treate, edit and style data sources
  • Compose and save maps to create application projects (using mapfile)
  • Configure and generate Web GIS applications
  • Configure and use GIS portals
  • Access and share maps

Basic concepts: using the OGC standards

The main idea behind the MapMint solution is the massive usage of OGC Web Services and making all processing in the solution available as WPS services using the ZOO-Project OpenSource software.

Main software components

MapMint is using numerous OSGeo softwares and bring them all together in a complete Web-GIS platform by using the WPS to make them understandable and usable to and from each other.

Software Usage
logo All the processing in the MapMint solution iso based on the ZOO-Project so on the OGC WPS standard, even to produce dynamic web pages.
logo MapMint use the MapServer cartographic engine to publish your date through OGC Web Services (WMS,WFS and WCS) in an efficient way.
logo The abstraction library used to access and interract with datasources transparently is the GDAL/OGR library.
logo MapMint User Interfaces (UI) are using OpenLayers.

For information on how to setup MapMint, please refer to

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