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Mapnificent cities

This repo contains data and meta data about all cities in Metadata is stored in MarkDown files in the YAML Front matter and data is stored as Protocol Buffers in a .bin file.

How to add a city.

In order to add a transit system to Mapnificent, GTFS data for that transit system needs to be available without charge under a license that allows its use with Mapnificent.

If the city is not yet in Mapnificent and please open an issue or – preferably – a pull request.

The issue will have a template that you need to fill out. The template is identical to the Markdown meta data and also reproduced below.

If you can, please create a pull request where the markdown file is already named correctly: <cityid>/<cityid>.md. This will make adding this city more convenient and thus faster.

You can use the following template:

cityid: example-city
cityname: Example City
# Center of the map when loaded
# Coordinates as [LNG, LAT] (like GeoJSON, NOT like leaflet)
# (the leading dash is NOT a minus sign, it's a list item)
- 13.369545
- 52.525592
description: ''
# Preferably provide a location ID, e.g.
- 169-berlin-germany
# Or provide GTFS files like so
    # feed id if available
    tf_feed_id: verkehrsverbund-berlin-brandenburg/213
    # URL of Feed if tf_location_ids or tf_feed_id are not available
version: 1
# Zoom level when loaded
zoom: 12

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([Terms of Use](