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import os
import os.path as systempath
import posixpath
from hashlib import md5
drives = {}
# sketchy windows only mucking to handle translating between
# native cascadenik storage of posix paths and the filesystem.
# to_posix() and un_posix() are called in cascadenik/
# but only impact non-posix systems (windows)
def get_posix_root(valid_posix_path):
if posixpath.isdir(valid_posix_path) and not valid_posix_path.endswith(posixpath.sep):
valid_posix_path += posixpath.sep
valid_posix_path = posixpath.dirname(valid_posix_path)
return valid_posix_path.split(posixpath.sep)[1] or valid_posix_path
def add_drive(drive,valid_posix_path):
root = get_posix_root(valid_posix_path)
if not drives.get(root):
drives[root] = drive
#print 'pushing drive: %s | %s | %s' % (drive,root, valid_posix_path)
def get_drive(valid_posix_path):
return drives.get(get_posix_root(valid_posix_path))
# not currently used
def add_drive_by_hash(drive,valid_posix_path):
# cache the drive so we can try to recreate later
global drives
hash = md5(valid_posix_path).hexdigest()[:8]
drives[hash] = drive
#print 'pushing drive: %s | %s | %s' % (drive,valid_posix_path,hash)
# not currently used
def get_drive_by_hash(valid_posix_path):
# todo - make this smarter
hash = md5(valid_posix_path).hexdigest()[:8]
drive = drives.get(hash)
if not drive:
hash = md5(posixpath.dirname(valid_posix_path)).hexdigest()[:8]
drive = drives.get(hash)
def to_posix(path_name):
if == "posix":
return path_name
drive, path = systempath.splitdrive(path_name)
valid_posix_path = path.replace(os.sep,posixpath.sep)
if drive:
return valid_posix_path
def un_posix(valid_posix_path,drive=None):
if == "posix":
return valid_posix_path
global drives
if not posixpath.isabs(valid_posix_path):
return valid_posix_path# what to do? for now assert
assert posixpath.isabs(valid_posix_path), "un_posix() needs an absolute posix style path, not %s" % valid_posix_path
#drive = get_drive_by_hash(valid_posix_path)
drive = get_drive(valid_posix_path)
assert drive, "We cannot make this path (%s) local to the platform without knowing the drive" % valid_posix_path
path = systempath.join(drive,systempath.normpath(valid_posix_path))
return path