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Mapnik debian packaging scripts

These are scripts used to build Debian nightlies of mapnik branches, and automatically upload to launchpad PPAs.

These are not official package scripts, but rather maintained by the Mapnik project.

These are not actual packages. To actually install and use the packages see:

These scripts currently run on Koordinates' CI server every night at 0000UTC and upload to the Mapnik nightly build PPAs at


sudo apt-get install debhelper devscripts dput git-core python

Setting up

1) Clone the packaging repo and enter debian dir:

git clone git://
cd mapnik-packaging/debian-nightlies

2) Clone the mapnik git repo from into a git/ dir:

git clone git

3) Update the script with your name/GPG key/etc, and what branches/dists/ppas you want. Set the latest releases correctly too.

Note: if you change the launchpad username then you will also need to ensure your PPA has the correctly named PPA's:


4) Set prev.rev in each branch directory to be the current revision of the branch

cd git
git checkout master
git log -1 --pretty=format:%h > ../master/prev.rev
git checkout 0.7.x
git log -1 --pretty=format:%h > ../0.7.x/prev.rev
git checkout 2.0.x
git log -1 --pretty=format:%h > ../2.0.x/prev.rev
cd ../

5) Run ./ -f -d to make sure it works (you should see usage)

6) Run ./ -f to force the first build & upload

7) Run ./ -c to delete what you just built

8) After that, run ./ and it'll regenerate and upload source packages if something's changed.

9) Run ./ -c to cleanup occasionally

10) Re-run a single trunk build because you've fixed debian/ stuff, do

./ -f -b trunk -r 2


debian/ directories are taken from the appropriate directory for each branch, except for the changelog which is built dynamically.


  • GPL-2+


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