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// mapnik
#include <mapnik/datasource.hpp>
// boost
#include <boost/python.hpp>
class python_datasource : public mapnik::datasource
// constructor
// arguments must not change
python_datasource(mapnik::parameters const& params, bool bind=true);
// destructor
virtual ~python_datasource ();
// mandatory: type of the plugin, used to match at runtime
mapnik::datasource::datasource_t type() const;
// mandatory: name of the plugin
static const char* name();
// mandatory: function to query features by box2d
// this is called when rendering, specifically in feature_style_processor.hpp
mapnik::featureset_ptr features(mapnik::query const& q) const;
// mandatory: function to query features by point (coord2d)
// not used by rendering, but available to calling applications
mapnik::featureset_ptr features_at_point(mapnik::coord2d const& pt, double tol = 0) const;
// mandatory: return the box2d of the datasource
// called during rendering to determine if the layer should be processed
mapnik::box2d<double> envelope() const;
// mandatory: optionally return the overal geometry type of the datasource
boost::optional<mapnik::datasource::geometry_t> get_geometry_type() const;
// mandatory: return the layer descriptor
mapnik::layer_descriptor get_descriptor() const;
// mandatory: will bind the datasource given params
void bind() const;
static const char* name_;
mutable mapnik::layer_descriptor desc_;
const std::string factory_;
std::map<std::string, std::string> kwargs_;
mutable boost::python::object datasource_;
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