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/* process with:
dot textrendering.gv -Tsvg > textrendering.svg
dot textrendering.gv -Tpng > textrendering.png
digraph textrendering {
/* Classes without important virtual members: Round
Classes with important virtual members: Rect
Pointers [style=dashed] */
Renderer [color=red]
node_ -> text_symbolizer_properties [label="tree_", style=dashed]
TextSymbolizer -> text_placements [label="placement_options_", style=dashed]
text_placements -> text_symbolizer_properties [label="properties"]
text_placements -> text_placement_info [label="get_placement_info()", style=dashed]
text_placement_info -> text_symbolizer_properties [label="properties"]
text_placement_info -> text_path [label="placements", style=dashed]
text_placement_info -> text_placement_info [label="next()"]
text_symbolizer_properties -> processed_text [label="process()", style=dashed]
processed_text -> string_info [label="get_string_info()", style=dashed]
text_path -> Renderer [color=red, label="used by"]
processed_text -> Renderer [color=red, label="owned by"]
Renderer -> text_symbolizer_helper [color=red, label="creates"]
text_symbolizer_helper -> placement_finder [color=red, label="creates"]
placement_finder -> text_path [color=red, label="creates"]
string_info -> placement_finder [color=red, label="used by"]
text_placement_info -> Renderer [color=red, label="used by"]
node_ -> text_node [style=dashed]
node_ -> list_node [style=dashed]
node_ -> format_node [style=dashed]
list_node -> text_node [style=dashed]
list_node -> format_node [style=dashed]
format_node -> text_node [style=dashed]
{ rank=same; text_path text_symbolizer_helper }
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