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scons: add option to configure custom paths to ltdl - refs #1376

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Dane Springmeyer
Dane Springmeyer committed Aug 22, 2012
1 parent f431193 commit 1e0a4ace867897f83a84f14b8ff3c3f7f26024ea
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  1. +4 −2 SConstruct
@@ -309,7 +309,9 @@ opts.AddVariables(
PathVariable('ICU_LIBS','Search path for ICU include files','/usr/' + LIBDIR_SCHEMA_DEFAULT, PathVariable.PathAccept),
('ICU_LIB_NAME', 'The library name for icu (such as icuuc, sicuuc, or icucore)', 'icuuc'),
PathVariable('PNG_INCLUDES', 'Search path for libpng include files', '/usr/include', PathVariable.PathAccept),
- PathVariable('PNG_LIBS','Search path for libpng include files','/usr/' + LIBDIR_SCHEMA_DEFAULT, PathVariable.PathAccept),
+ PathVariable('PNG_LIBS','Search path for libpng library files','/usr/' + LIBDIR_SCHEMA_DEFAULT, PathVariable.PathAccept),
+ PathVariable('LTDL_INCLUDES', 'Search path for libltdl (part of libtool) include files', '/usr/include', PathVariable.PathAccept),
+ PathVariable('LTDL_LIBS','Search path for libltdl (ltdl.h) library files','/usr/' + LIBDIR_SCHEMA_DEFAULT, PathVariable.PathAccept),
BoolVariable('JPEG', 'Build Mapnik with JPEG read and write support', 'True'),
PathVariable('JPEG_INCLUDES', 'Search path for libjpeg include files', '/usr/include', PathVariable.PathAccept),
PathVariable('JPEG_LIBS', 'Search path for libjpeg library files', '/usr/' + LIBDIR_SCHEMA_DEFAULT, PathVariable.PathAccept),
@@ -1055,7 +1057,7 @@ if not preconfigured:
# Adding the required prerequisite library directories to the include path for
# compiling and the library path for linking, respectively.
- for required in ('PNG', 'JPEG', 'TIFF','PROJ','ICU', 'SQLITE'):
+ for required in ('PNG', 'JPEG', 'TIFF','PROJ','ICU', 'SQLITE', 'LTDL'):
inc_path = env['%s_INCLUDES' % required]
lib_path = env['%s_LIBS' % required]
env.AppendUnique(CPPPATH = os.path.realpath(inc_path))

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