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2 parents dc6ecc4 + 1940014 commit 406904a1f6bae016d84e4bd90e33eccd1914cbc8 @herm herm committed Sep 14, 2012
@@ -8,6 +8,8 @@ For a complete change history, see the git log.
## Future
+- Support for encoding `literal` postgres types as strings 69fb17cd3/#1466
- Fixed zoom_all behavior when Map maximum-extent is provided. Previously maximum-extent was used outright but
now the combined layer extents will be again respected: they will be clipped to the maximum-extent if possible
and only when back-projecting fails for all layers will the maximum-extent be used as a fallback (#1473)
@@ -354,7 +354,7 @@ opts.AddVariables(
# Other variables
BoolVariable('SHAPE_MEMORY_MAPPED_FILE', 'Utilize memory-mapped files in Shapefile Plugin (higher memory usage, better performance)', 'True'),
- ('SYSTEM_FONTS','Provide location for python bindings to register fonts (if given aborts installation of bundled DejaVu fonts)',''),
+ ('SYSTEM_FONTS','Provide location for python bindings to register fonts (if provided then the bundled DejaVu fonts are not installed)',''),
('LIB_DIR_NAME','Name to use for the subfolder beside libmapnik where fonts and plugins are installed','mapnik'),
PathVariable('PYTHON','Full path to Python executable used to build bindings', sys.executable),
BoolVariable('FRAMEWORK_PYTHON', 'Link against Framework Python on Mac OS X', 'True'),
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