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+ inflate extent to match agg renderer

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commit 551964898906264495732afeb4d3e0e0fd05fb83 1 parent bfa7052
Artem Pavlenko artemp authored
Showing with 2 additions and 1 deletion.
  1. +2 −1  src/cairo_renderer.cpp
3  src/cairo_renderer.cpp
@@ -992,10 +992,11 @@ void cairo_renderer_base::start_map_processing(Map const& map)
agg::trans_affine tr;
evaluate_transform(tr, feature, sym.get_transform());
+ box2d<double> ext = query_extent_ * 1.1;
typedef boost::mpl::vector<clip_line_tag,transform_tag, offset_transform_tag, affine_transform_tag, smooth_tag> conv_types;
vertex_converter<box2d<double>, cairo_context, line_symbolizer,
CoordTransform, proj_transform, agg::trans_affine, conv_types>
- converter(query_extent_,context,sym,t_,prj_trans,tr,1.0);
+ converter(ext,context,sym,t_,prj_trans,tr,1.0);
if (sym.clip()) converter.set<clip_line_tag>(); // optional clip (default: true)
converter.set<transform_tag>(); // always transform
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