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port scons fix from trunk to 0.6.0 (allow a user to switch back from …

…FAST=True to FAST=False)
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1 parent fd339f9 commit c88e03436fbcaf1727819f1be8e2513289e6e1bc Dane Springmeyer committed Apr 1, 2009
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@@ -233,10 +233,11 @@ if opts.args:
# now since we've got custom arguments we'll disregard any
# pickled environment and force another configuration
preconfigured = False
- if env['FAST']:
+ if opts.args.get('FAST'):
# because we are clearing the 'sconf_temp' files each configure when FAST=False
# we now need to flush the dblite otherwise SCons will skip checks
- # during the first 'FAST' configure
+ # of fail because .sconsign.dblite could be out of sync with cacheing from using
+ # or moving to using FAST=True
except: pass

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