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Commits on May 22, 2015
  1. @springmeyer
  2. @springmeyer
  3. @springmeyer

    Merge pull request #2845 from mapycz/improve-visual-test-5

    springmeyer authored
    visual tests: skip visual tests when test data are not present
  4. @talaj
  5. @artemp

    unit test geometry - use appropriete std::string constructor ( file_i…

    artemp authored
    …o.get() doesn't guarantee to return null terminated C-string!)
  6. @artemp

    format - remove extra ;

    artemp authored
  7. @artemp

    Merge pull request #2843 from mapnik/fix-webp-views

    artemp authored
    Fix potential crash when encoding webp via image_view
  8. @springmeyer

    fixup webp test

    springmeyer authored
  9. @springmeyer
Commits on May 21, 2015
  1. @springmeyer
  2. @springmeyer
  3. @artemp

    use mapnik geometry!

    artemp authored
  4. @artemp
  5. @artemp

    use boost::spirit::standard instead of boost::spirit::ascii to avoid …

    artemp authored
    …assertions failing (isascii_(ch)) in debug builds - ref #2829
Commits on May 20, 2015
  1. @flippmoke
  2. @springmeyer
  3. @flippmoke

    Merge pull request #2837 from mapnik/correct

    flippmoke authored
    Geometry Correct
  4. @springmeyer
  5. @springmeyer
  6. @springmeyer
  7. @flippmoke

    Merge pull request #2830 from mapnik/clamp_multi

    flippmoke authored
    Rename set_alpha and multiply_alpha
  8. @flippmoke

    Removed multiply_opacity

    flippmoke authored
  9. @flippmoke

    Renamed set_opacity to apply_opacity, reverted it to the old logic of…

    flippmoke authored
    … set_alpha. Updated tests, clamping is now used.
  10. @springmeyer

    update visual tests

    springmeyer authored
  11. @flippmoke
  12. @flippmoke

    Updated the way that multiply_alpha works, such that it is not clampe…

    flippmoke authored
    …d at the multiplier, but rather at the result of the multiplier and alpha.
  13. @springmeyer

    Merge pull request #2825 from mapycz/improve-interior

    springmeyer authored
    improve interior placement
  14. @springmeyer

    Merge pull request #2827 from mapycz/visual-tests-parallel

    springmeyer authored
    visual tests: set number of parallel threads by JOBS environment variable
  15. @springmeyer

    Merge pull request #2826 from mapycz/improve-visual-test-3

    springmeyer authored
    improve visual tests
  16. @springmeyer

    Merge pull request #2832 from afflerbach/unused-nodes-error-message

    springmeyer authored
    Message about unused text nodes now also contains line numbers.
  17. Message about unused text nodes now also contains line numbers.

    Jörg Afflerbach authored
    Helped me a lot when I needed to find a superfluous `-->` in a large `map.xml`.
  18. @artemp
  19. @artemp
  20. @artemp

    fix char type

    artemp authored
  21. @springmeyer
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