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Commits on Feb 12, 2012
  1. @herm

    Remove text opacity.

    herm authored
  2. @herm
  3. @herm
  4. @herm

    Fix font-set handling for ShieldSymbolizer. Closes #1077.

    herm authored
    Was the same problem as #1064.
  5. @herm

    Fix all includes.

    herm authored
  6. @herm

    Move other text placement files.

    herm authored
  7. @herm

    Split text_placements.hpp

    herm authored
  8. @herm

    Move processed_text.

    herm authored
  9. @herm

    Fix most includes.

    herm authored
  10. @herm

    Move text_symbolizer_properties.

    herm authored
  11. @herm

    Move char_properties.

    herm authored
  12. @herm

    Move formating::format_node.

    herm authored
  13. @herm

    Move formating::list_node.

    herm authored
  14. @herm

    Move formating::text_node.

    herm authored
  15. @herm

    Move formating::node.

    herm authored
  16. @herm
Commits on Feb 11, 2012
  1. @herm
Commits on Feb 10, 2012
  1. @springmeyer
  2. @springmeyer
  3. @springmeyer
  4. @springmeyer
  5. @springmeyer

    boost 1.42 compatibility

    springmeyer authored
  6. @springmeyer
  7. @artemp

    Merge pull request #1073 from MapQuest/shapeindex-null-bug

    artemp authored
    Pos counter in shapeindex not incremented for null geometry
  8. @zerebubuth

    Still need to increment pos counter in shapeindex even when the geome…

    zerebubuth authored
    …try is null, otherwise reads are possible beyond the end of file.
  9. @artemp
  10. @artemp
  11. @artemp

    + make wkt_parser noncopyable

    artemp authored
  12. @artemp

    + check if index is valid in to_string()

    artemp authored
    + output feature id
  13. @springmeyer
  14. @springmeyer
  15. @springmeyer

    link to boost system

    springmeyer authored
  16. @springmeyer

    link all remaining plugins to boost_system to avoid potential linking…

    springmeyer authored
    … errors with boost-trunk (upcoming 1.49) - closes #1070
Commits on Feb 8, 2012
  1. @springmeyer
  2. @springmeyer
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