Split headers into public API and private functions #1079

herm opened this Issue Feb 12, 2012 · 1 comment


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herm commented Feb 12, 2012

Mapnik has a lot of header files, but not all of them should be considered public API.

Examples are all the grammar files, symbolizer_helpers.hpp and probably many more. I think we should split headers into two categories:

  • public API: installed by scons install; (more or less) stable across releases; contains only functions users are expected to call.
  • internal: only for compiling mapnik but not required for building external programs; not installed; can change at any time

springmeyer commented Feb 13, 2012

Yes, definitely a good idea. The trick will be to avoid compile time dependencies on private headers for various C++ things that use mapnik, but we can and should improve on this too.

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