Boolean XML parameter evaluation confusing #1141

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I can't get to understand how to encode "true" and "false" in XML parameters:

   <Parameter name="simplify">True</Parameter>   <!-- evaluates to 0-->
   <Parameter name="simplify">False</Parameter> <!-- evaluates to 0 -->
   <Parameter name="simplify">true</Parameter>    <!-- evaluates to 1 -->
   <Parameter name="simplify">false</Parameter>  <!-- evaluates to 1 -->
   <Parameter name="simplify">0</Parameter>        <!-- evaluates to 1 -->
   <Parameter name="simplify">1</Parameter>        <!-- evaluates to 1 -->

Is the voodoo documented somewhere ? :)

Mapnik member

Note, some of the confusion may have to do with me giving you a slightly incorrect example usage. See strk@212b000#commitcomment-1126499.

Mapnik member

So, given the right usage of boost::optional I think the only thing that was missing was support for True and False. I've made things case insensitive in 46fdc57, which should fix that.

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