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lam-alif has too much space after it #1154

mfrasca opened this Issue · 7 comments

3 participants

Mario Frasca Dane Springmeyer Hermann Kraus
Mario Frasca

I assume it's a mapnik issue, but it comes from openstreetmap.

the "زنقة الملاح" (road of the mellah) is rendered with so much space after the lam-alif glyph (لا) that it seems to be separated from the "ح" immediately following it.

Dane Springmeyer

thanks for the report. I've added to the list of text rendering issues at

Dane Springmeyer

Can you please upload a screenshot, annotate the exact label, and then link here?

Mario Frasca



1 is the way it looks now, 2 is what I would expect.
which part of the code is involved, I'd like to have a look at it, was it just out of curiosity!
(I uploaded to dropbox, is there a way to upload to github?)

Hermann Kraus

This bug should be fixed when we switch to HarfBuzz as our shaping engine. It shouldn't need any special handling.

Hermann Kraus herm was assigned
Hermann Kraus

Please check the image in this blog post and tell me if it is correct.
Thank you!

Mario Frasca
Hermann Kraus

Closing this ticket as the issue is solved in the harfbuzz branch. Refs #1428.

Hermann Kraus herm closed this
Dane Springmeyer springmeyer referenced this issue from a commit
Dane Springmeyer springmeyer Improved support for international text
 - Implementation by @herm for GSOC 2012 (
 - C++11 port, improvements, optimizations by @artemp
 - Testing and integration with master by @springmeyer
 - Thank you to all the support from @behdad along the way
 - Thanks for help testing @toton6868, @stephankn, @nirvn, @mfrasca, @simonsonc and many others

Refs: #2073,#2070,#2038,#2037,#1953,#1820,#1819,#1714,#1634,#1547,#1532,#1319,#1208,#1154,#1146
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