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optimize gamma setting #1174

springmeyer opened this Issue Apr 12, 2012 · 3 comments

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Mapnik member

To allow fine control over antialiasing level we allow users to set gamma and gamma-method properties on many symbolizers, like the polygon_symbolizer here

However, it appears the gamma setting is taking up a non-trivial amount of time:

The gamma array is not free, which is why AGG by default only calculates it once in the constructor:

Perhaps we could expose a public setter that can trigger returning to the default gamma without having to recalculate based on a function?

Mapnik member
artemp commented Mar 14, 2013

@springmeyer - why do we ---> gamma_method_(GAMMA_POWER) by default?

gamma_method_(GAMMA_NONE) -- is less expensive

Mapnik member

Gamma power came in from tomtom pull req. also a mailing list entry about it being slightly higher quality than linear.

Mapnik member

did some light perf testing against above changes: I rendered all of processed_p at z0. Rendering with a single <PolygonSymbolizer> took 4 seconds before this change and 3 after. Rendering with a single <LineSymbolizer> took 14 seconds before this change and 13 after.

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